Knitted squares

Australia themed blanket.
This is a knitting challenge for the 2021 Royal Adelaide Show. The Handicrafts schedule will include a class for you to enter your finished blankets. The challenge will be to knit a cot blanket, lap rug - or something larger (if you wish) using the patterns provided for the Australian themed squares or creating your own. In order to cater for a range of knitting skills there will be options for “confident” and “less confident” knitters. You will be able to choose which squares and how many squares you want to knit and how you put them together. 
Nine squares will make a small (90cm square) cot blanket, sixteen will make a larger (120cm square) cot blanket or small lap blanket and twenty-five will make a good sized lap blanket to snuggle under (150cm square). You may want to make more squares of one pattern by varying the colour or the stitch or you might even design your own Australia themed square and add it.

Technical Information

All the squares are designed to be 30cm/12” in size when knitted in 8ply/DK yarn at a tension of 22sts to 10cms/4”. 

All the squares begin and end with six rows of garter stitch (every row knit) and a three stitch garter border on either side. The purpose of this garter stitch border is to define the edge of each square and make it much easier to join the squares together.


How much yarn you will require will depend on the number of squares you decide to knit. If you are buying yarn then each square takes about 80gms to knit.  But, most knitters have a stash. Are there left overs in your stash that you can use?


A cot size blanket of nine squares will measure approximately 90cms square and take about 1,200m or approximately 600gms


As a guide the 200gm balls of Bendigo yarn should knit two squares with some left over. A 90cm square cot blanket size consisting of nine squares should be able to be knitted from four balls. A small lap rug would take seven 200gm balls of Bendigo yarn. If you are using 50gm balls of another brand you are likely to need two balls to make a square with some left over. The single coloured squares weigh about 80gms.


Unless you decide to do all the squares as knit and purl squares you will need more than one colour. Suggestions will be given for colours you might use but the choice will be yours. This is part of the challenge you are being set.


Need some help? There is a Replanting Australia page on Facebook and another on Ravelry or you can email