How to Judge Carrot Cake



The cakes appearance must have a good overall appearance – does it look good before cutting and after cutting?


Use fresh ingredients. All ingredients must be evenly mixed and distributed. Did you know that walnuts can become rancid when old?


The cake should be easy to cut. It should have an even distribution of walnuts, if the mixture is too thin the walnuts will sink to the bottom.

Size & Shape

The cake should be 18 – 23cm in diameter and round.


You should be able to taste the carrots Good flavour is a must! The cake must be moist and the cream cheese icing must complement the overall cake.


The cake must be cooked evenly and not undercooked (sunk in the middle, raw) or overcooked (dry, burnt).  Undercooked cakes will not be judged.


Has a cream cheese icing been used as per the schedule? The icing must be spread evenly across the whole top of the cake. The thickness of icing must be appropriate to the height of the cake, no one wants a skimpy serve of icing! No other decoration can be used.

The above judging criteria and comments have been provided for the purpose of education and do not represent the views, opinions or position of judges, officials or the RA&HS. Any resemblance to actual persons, competitors, or exhibits living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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