How to Judge Miniature Goats



Miniature goats mustn't exceed a set height based on their gender or age. A goat that is less than one year old must be shorter than 53cm while a senior Buck (male goat over 5 years) must be shorter than 60cm. A miniature goat is measured from it's wither (highest point on back). 


Nose can be straight or dished, but should be relative in size to the forehead and muzzle. Animals should have an even bite. Overshot and undershot bites are not acceptable. Does should appear feminine, void of beard, alertly graceful and never coarse. Bucks should appear masculine, beard clean and neatly trimmed, well-muscled and noble. Animals can be polled or neatly disbudded.

Hindquarters & Hind Legs

Rump is long and broad with a slight slope downward from the hips to pins and the tail is straight. The hind legs should be wide and strong and the animal square standing to allow for correct udder attachment in Does and testicles in bucks. Well-formed compact, straight, hooves, pointing forward. Claws on each hoof should be symmetrical. Hindquarter movement should be free and correct.


It is imperative that animals are good tempered. Animals should be alert and curious with a sociable, friendly and approachable disposition. Animals should be well mannered. Animals should be able to be lead.

Forequarter & Front Legs

Neck should be well proportioned to body. When viewed from the front, forelegs are set wide, parallel and squarely set. Well-formed compact, straight, hooves, pointing forward. Claws on each hoof should be symmetrical.

Female Attributes

For Does

Udder should be tightly attached and pliable. Udder should be suspended evenly between front and rear of hind leg. Viewed from the side the udder should blend smoothly and be positioned well above the hocks. When Doe is not lactating, udder should be well contracted and balanced. Udder should have two well-placed teats.


The body should be evenly balanced and when the animal walks, it should move smoothly and evenly. Animals must be clean and well groomed and either shown neatly shaved, clipped or well brushed and trimmed. Long coats should appear lustrous and free from tangle and neatly trimmed.


Body should be barrel shaped and must have sufficient capacity to carry young with well sprung, open ribs, angling towards the rear of the barrel with capacity increasing in depth from heart girth to flank. Back should be strong and broad. Body should be relative to the overall proportion of the animal.

Male Attributes

For Bucks

Scrotum should be well attached and be of relative size for the age of the animal. Bucks should show masculinity with a prominent neck and strong shouldering. Bucks should show a depth of chest with a tapering torso to the rear. Head should display strength and character of the breed with a broad forehead and wide muzzle.

The above judging criteria and comments have been provided for the purpose of education and do not represent the views, opinions or position of judges, officials or the RA&HS. Any resemblance to actual persons, competitors, or exhibits living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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