How to Judge Stud Pigs



Moderate length free from crest, proportionately and evenly set to give smooth coupling with head and chest.

Back & Sides

Back - Legs slightly arched, wide and even from neck to rump. Loin broad, full and strong, blending with line of sides. Ribs well sprung.

Sides - Long, even and well let down to flank.

Legs, Pasterns & Feet

Legs - Straight and well set, level with the outside of the body, with strong bone.

Feet -  Strong, closed and even.

Pasterns - Strong and firm. The walk should be straight and free-flowing.


Level, in proportion to body, medium width, free from coarseness and blending with the rest of the body. Allowance can be made for shield of aged boars.

Flank & Belly

Flank - Thick and well let down.

Belly - Full but not flabby with straight underline. Six or more prominent, workable well spaced teats on each side for Boars and Sows.

Testicles should be well developed and even in size and firmly set.

Character & Breed Type

A combination of the above definitions denoting type, quality and breeding. Masculinity in the case of boars and femininity in the case of gilts.
The standard of excellence shall be used in the light of known requirements of the bacon and pork trade.


Wide between front legs with capacity derived from width and length rather than depth.

Hams, Rump & Tail

Hams - Broad, full and deep to hocks, well fleshed on inside.

Rump - Medium length, broad, straight or only slightly sloping.

Tail - Set high.

The above judging criteria and comments have been provided for the purpose of education and do not represent the views, opinions or position of judges, officials or the RA&HS. Any resemblance to actual persons, competitors, or exhibits living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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