How to judge the FEI World Cup Qualifier


The Course

The course which is designed specifically for the Royal Adelaide Show, is intended to demonstrate the Horse's freedom, energy, skill, speed and obedience in jumping, along with the Athlete's horsemanship. Each rider must jump the course twice, with penalties from both rounds being added together. If two riders both have the same score, the rider with the fastest time in the second round will be the winner. 


The course is made up of a number of different obstacles in different configurations. The height of the obstacles vary from 1.4m to 1.6m.

Prize Money

The 2019 World Cup Qualifier provided $10,000 in prize money. The winner received $3,000 with the remaining prize money going to the top 12 riders. 

Warming Up

In all Jumping competitions a warm up area is provided, because just as human athletes need to warm up before strenuous competition, so do horses. The riders have approximately 15 minutes to jump their horses over the ‘practice’ obstacles, before entering the competition arena.

The Designer

The FEI World Cup qualifier course at the Royal Adelaide Show is designed by an international course designer each year. The 2019 Course was designed by Louis Koninckx from the Netherlands.


Success in this internationally accredited competition gives riders points towards representing their country the following April at the FEI World Cup Final, generally held in Europe or the USA. There are approximately 12 of these Qualifying competitions held throughout Australia each year.


The top 16 riders from the competition are awarded qualifying points, starting at 20 points and going down to 1 point for 16th place.


The round is timed, if a rider doesn't travel at the required speed, time penalties will be incurred. Depending on conditions the speed can vary between 350 and 400 meters per minute.

Length of Course

The total length of the course is determined by the number of obstacles multiplied by 60. The 2019 course was comprised of 13 obstacles and was 585m long. 


If an Athlete makes certain faults such as knocking down an obstacle or exceeding the allowed time will incur penalties. A refusal (where a horse refuses to jump an obstacle) will be penalised, if the horse refuses a second time the rider will be eliminated from the competition.


Riders can enter from the year of their 18th birthday

The above judging criteria and comments have been provided for the purpose of education and do not represent the views, opinions or position of judges, officials or the RA&HS. Any resemblance to actual persons, competitors, or exhibits living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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