How to Judge Wool


Spinning Fineness

A number which attempts to combine the Mean Fibre Diameter( M.F.D.) and the Coefficient of Variation of Diameter (C.V.D.) This single measure of fineness is used to estimate the performance of wool when spun into yarn.


Where the fleece must be skirted and prepared to industry standards.

Uniformity of Length

The assessment of the length over the full fleece.

Character & Style

Even and well crimped from top to bottom.


A Micron is the measurement used to describe the diameter of a wool fibre. Generally the lower the microns, the more valuable the wool is.

Softness & Handle

The softness and pliancy for outstanding results when wool is spun.

Trueness to Breed/Type

Various qualities related to the characteristics of the breed.

Clean Fleece Weight

Is calculated by multiplying the greasy fleece weight by the yield of a sample taken from the mid-side of the animal. Point are awarded from a scale which attempts to equalise the weight and yield variations that occur between Micron categories. The scale also makes allowances for gender involved.

Colour & Bloom

Possession of the characteristics for grading from a style perspective.


The strength of the fleece to give the best results during combing.

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