A Talented Bunch

The team at the Royal Agricultural & Horticultural Society work hard each year to stage the Royal Adelaide Show for all South Australians and several staff have hidden talents that they love to show off at the Show...!

Julie Hewett, Marketing Assistant

The holder of a Blue Ribbon for her fabulous friands, Julie has been entering the Show’s Cookery competition for many years. “It has become a bit of a competition with staff over the years to see who could win a Blue Ribbon.” Julie has also picked up a second prize for her plate of three biscuits, and has tried her luck in desserts, Jubilee cake and marmalade over the years. She’s even convinced her husband Bruce to enter the Chocolate Cake class.

Lisa Nelson, Receptionist

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Lisa chose the Cookery Gingerbread House class for her first Show outing. “2018 was my first year working at the Show so I thought it would be great fun to be a part of it all.” She also encouraged her seven-year-old twin boys, Andy and Riley, to enter the Cookery and Horticulture sections. “They absolutely loved entering and it made the Show experience so much better for them. When they came with their grandparents they were so proud to show what they had made and to have it on display.”

Jackie Marsh, Sponsorship Coordinator

A spur of the moment decision to have a go in the Show’s inaugural Come 'n' Try Sheaf Tossing competition in 2018 ended in an unexpected victory for Jackie. “I have no talent in sheaf tossing and had never done it before but wanted to support the competition and it looked like fun.” For serious competitors in other competitions, Jackie says the Show provides a great way to compare, improve and be recognised for talents, investment and hard work.

Brenton Sambell, IT Manager

Home-grown lemons are the key to Brenton’s delicious lemon curd, which he entered into the Cookery competition in 2018. “There was a group of fellow staff members who all decided to enter a cookery class. I thought I would do lemon curd and lemon butter, as I could make one batch and enter it in both classes. Of course, I thought I would win twice by doing this!” Though he didn’t win in his first attempt, he said being able to show his friends his lemon curd on display in the Duncan Gallery was worth the effort.

Kerstin Freund, Executive Assistant to the CEO

After picking up second prize for her pear and raspberry jam in the Society Councillor’s Jam class a few years back, Kerstin has now focused her talents on the Art competition. “I didn’t win a prize for my painting but I did sell it which was nice as it’s the first one I have ever sold.” Having rediscovered her love of painting three years ago, Kerstin says it’s now her hobby, passion and very therapeutic. “The Show Art Prize gives me a unique opportunity to showcase my paintings and the chance to win a prize or sell a picture.”

Peter Angus, Coordinator of the Rural Ambassador Awards

Peter insists it’s his White Suffolk sheep who win the prizes at the Show, not him. “I first entered in 2000 and won a third place in the Ram Lamb class. At the same Show I won the SA Rural Ambassador Award, so the ram was given the nickname ‘The Ambassador’. The following year this ram came second in his class and sold for $4,500 at the Ram Sale. Peter won his first Blue Ribbon in 2003 in the Pair of Two Ewes class, which he now sponsors, and over the years has racked up an impressive display of prizes. “By exhibiting at the Show I can promote my sheep and their genetics and compare against leading studs in Australia. Months of work go into the preparation of the sheep so, regardless of winning ribbons, it’s an achievement having the sheep on display. It’s also great catching up with the other exhibitors and I feel more a part of the Show having sheep to feed and pens to clean out.”

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