Adelaide's GOAT Talent!

Since 2016, the Royal Adelaide Show has hosted miniature goats as part of the Show competitions, and over the years, exhibitor and entry numbers have been on the rise.

These charismatic and affectionate little animals have big personalities, so thanks to Miniature Goats Australia Association, here's some information on the various breeds.

Miniature Goats

Australian Miniature Goats are small in stature, big in personality. Their conformation is similar to that of the larger breeds but down-scaled, with all parts of the body in balanced proportion and relative to their size. All coat types, colour combinations and eye colours are accepted.

Pygmy Goats

Pygmy goats are sturdy little nuggets with funny, aloof personalities. They should be stout with thick little legs and exude strength throughout. Pygmy’s are often referred to as ‘kegs on legs'. They are smart and lovable little animals that make wonderful pets.

Nigerian Dwarf

Nigerian Dwarf Goats are a miniature breed of dairy goat having arrived in Australia in 2013. They are known their milk, as they produce a higher butterfat content than milk from most full-sized dairy goats, which makes their milk highly sought after for cheese and soap making.

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