History goes digital

To further provide a valuable resource to the South Australian community, and safeguard historical records digitally, the RA&HS Archives developed its online Show Museum on Quartex.

Available to the public, and continuously updated with new materials and content, the Show Museum provides a great starting point to revive great Show memories, learn about agriculture, and begin historical research.

The records held in the Archives are an important historical and cultural resource and the RA&HA aims to preserve the history of the Royal Adelaide Show - and South Australian primary industry in general - for the benefit of future generations.

By simply searching the Show Museum online you can delve into rich archival material relating to the 180-year history of the Society, Royal Adelaide Show, and Royal Adelaide Wine Show. This includes everything from showbags and souvenirs, to the history of woodcutting, sheaf tossing, livestock, wine, cookery, and craft.

Explore the Show Museum by visiting